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The Many Forms of Foxtrot

by Jersey Dance Team on 02/03/14

Foxtrot - Confused about all of the different styles?

Here is a little dance secret.   It is true that there isn’t even one version of many of the dances we teach.  There can be different versions that evolved at different points in history or for different purposes.   Foxtrot is no exception as there are three different versions that are common (not including other historical versions).  Quickstep is also often considered part of Foxtrot.

American Social Foxtrot

This is the original version of the dance and you will see it taught by most studios to beginners.  For this reason, it is the most common one you will run into when out dancing.  It has similarities to basic waltz and basic tango which make it easy to learn and lead.   It also has a clear basic step that can be repeated around the floor and the dance sets a good foundation for later learning other forms of the dance.  It is not necessarily a beginner only dance as it can get very intricate for people who have studied it for a long time.   It is fun from day one!

International Foxtrot (slow foxtrot)

This version of the dance is the one you will most likely see in competition.   It requires you to learn reasonably long patterns to get around the room and requires a degree of balance, leading and technique that is usually beyond a beginners grasp.   There is no clear cut basic step to this dance and it requires the lead and follow to stay in close hold at all times.

American Foxtrot 

American foxtrot is similar to International Foxtrot except the rule of staying in close hold is relaxed.  This allows variation in choreography that is not possible in International Foxtrot.   This is the dance you think of when you see movies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

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1. Amira said on 9/15/17 - 10:59PM
thanks, that was the best and most easy to understand information ever!

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