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What We Offer

At our dance studios in New Jersey, we teach contemporary ballroom, latin and swing dancing in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere.  We offer a variety of options in class structure to accommodate every student’s needs. In general, we find that a combination of private lessons, group classes and practice opportunities (either practices or social parties) are the best way to accelerate learning and have lots of fun doing it. Below, you will find descriptions of our New Jersey dance classes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our teachers are more than happy to make a tailored program to fit your needs!

Private Lessons

Private instruction allows students to refine their dancing through individualized attention. The lessons are ideal for reviewing group class instruction and adding additional technique, style and flair. Many students also opt to only take private instruction to learn to dance. Private lessons are by far the best way to accelerate your progress. Scheduling is flexible based on your availability. You will have the same teacher for all lessons (unless requested otherwise) to promote continuity in your learning. Pricing is the same for individuals or couples.

Group Classes

All of our classes follow the same syllabus.  Our syllabus is based on the  NDCA syllabus which is the standard for dancing.   Our teaching is not based on an outdated franchise syllabus.

- Beginner I -

Ideal for the person who has never danced before, classes are run in a five-week series and provide the student with basic knowledge of the dances covered. There are three variations in this set of classes and students complete all of them to move to Beginner II (unless approved by an instructor). The class variations can be completed simultaneously and include:

Foxtrot/Rumba/Triple Swing
Cha Cha/Hustle/Waltz

Waltz is repeated in two of these series because we believe that this dance is very important in development of technique in early dancing.   Different steps and technique are taught in Waltz in the different series.

- Beginner II -

After a student has completed beginner I, they are ready to move on. The three different series (Foxtrot/Rumba/Triple Swing, etc.) are the same as in Beginner I, but additional variations will be added. A student must complete all three of these series to start Bronze I, or must be approved to move up by a private instructor. 

Practice Sessions

These are sessions during the week where students can come in and practice what they learned in other classes. They are a great opportunity to both reinforce learning and have a great time dancing with your partner, instructors or other students at practice!

Social Dance Parties

Social parties are a chance to combine your joy of dancing with meeting new people! This is the time to let go of all the rules and share your love of dance with others. Parties often have themes to keep things new and exciting.

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